Barking Characterizes Dogs as Voice Characterizes Peopleb

A very interesting and easy to read post about dog voices.

Scott Reed DVM

A research group of Computational Intelligence Group (CIG) collaborated with a veterinary student from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) to conduct research on canine behavior showing that gender, age, context and individual recognition can be identified with a high confidence level through computational methods of pattern recognition applied to the dog’s barking!

Canine communication has been a research topic over the past decade. Most of the research has been focused on how dogs can understand different forms of human communication such as hand gestures or human voice recognition. The joint research conducted by CIG and UPM focused on understanding the acoustic signals obtained from dog barking when in certain situations. They used a computational system based on statistic modeling to recognize diverse characteristics of the dog such as gender, age and more.

They experiments were conducted in Budapest with eight dogs, three males and five females. Each dog was aged…

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