In U.S., More Say Animals Should Have Same Rights as People

I love all animals and consider them intelligent and unique beings but giving them the same rights as humans and then trying to keep our current healthcare system will do more harm than good. Just imagine all the pet owners we would have to report to authorities for neglect just because they ignored their dog or cat’s teeth. And then what happens with these animals with human rights? We can’t just keep them in cages after we remove them from neglectful guardians. Seems like a situation I’d rather not be involved in. Not right now anyway.


A third of Americans want animals to have same rights as people……What do you think? More of the story below….

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2 thoughts on “In U.S., More Say Animals Should Have Same Rights as People

  1. I’m totally in support of animal welfare and the humane treatment of all animals. Animal rights would equate to no more bacon, and that would be unacceptable….


  2. I think that our society would not be able to function without using animals for research and food, as sad as that sometimes is. I also think that it just wouldn’t work – one of the main principles of human rights is the fact that we can give consent. The reason that animals cannot have the same rights is because they cannot offer any kind of consent at all.


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