January 1

“To stop talking about what the good man is like, and just be one.” -Marcus Aurelius

It’s that time of year again. People are going to ask you, ‘have you made any resolutions?’ On the one hand, I love resolutions as they represent making a choice about the things in life we need to change and then being resolute about changing them. But why do we wait until this one day? If we see changes we want to make why wait, why not start right then and there?

And what happens when we break or cheat on our resolutions? We give up. I say don’t make them so rigid, be flexible, understand that change is a process and you might -no you will – fail. And when you fail – that’s ok. Just get back up, dust off and move forward.

Instead of making a resolution to make one change or even several changes this year, let’s make a resolution to constantly be looking at the space between where we are and where we want to be. Let’s decide to work everyday to make small choices that will make this space smaller and smaller. And let’s remain on the path.

virtus fortis vocat



One thought on “January 1

  1. Totally agree. I was thinking this very thought today. When I decide it is time for a change, I start right then. Waiting for a date is silly, in my humble opinion.


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