January 3

“Know first who you are and what you are capable of. Just as nothing great is created instantly, the same goes for the perfecting of our talents and aptitudes.” – Epictetus

So often through life we have been told, ‘you can be anything you want.’ Or my favorite, ‘if you believe it, you can achieve it.’ Not so. I will never be an Olympic Sprinter or Weight Lifter. Nor could I have even had I trained for it my entire life. I could’ve been good, maybe even competitive but I never would have been able to represent my country while competing against the best the world had to offer.

I do have my strengths, we all do. And once we take the time to identify those we can start to focus on developing those strengths and most importantly – identifying the weaknesses that hold those talents back. Then we chip away at those weaknesses and develop those strengths. Every day.

During this development it is important to remember that this is a process. We will have days where we really progress and we will have days where we seem to fall back. But we keep trying and we compare ourselves today to where we were a month ago, a year ago maybe even yesterday. And we never stop working to get better.

virtus fortis vocat





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