January 12

“Instead of averting your eyes from the painful events of life, look at them squarely and contemplate them often.” – Epictetus

Some parts of life are just plain awful. You are going to go through some significantly hard times during this life and pretending they don’t exist or that bad things don’t happen is going to make it very difficult for you to deal with them when they do.

Instead, acknowledge with certainty that hard times are coming for you. You will lose friends and family. You may lose your job. You will struggle financially. You will have hard times in relationships. These hard times are life as life should be. Just as good times and happy memories are not everything in life, neither are the hard times.

Spending time thinking about the difficulties you will face in life, planning for them,  and anticipating them allows you to learn from them better when they finally arrive. Because hard times will always have something to teach you. If you allow it.

Difficulties are what shape us, they are how we grow, and they are how we discover the things that truly matter to us. Without them we would have little offer our friends and family in the way of help or guidance.

During your next difficulty, no matter how great or small, remind yourself that this difficulty is making you better. It is teaching you. Making you stronger. Face it head on. And plan for future hardships. Because they are coming.

virtus fortis vocat


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