January 13

“By facing the realities of death, infirmity, loss, and disappointment, you free yourself of illusions and false hopes and you avoid miserable envious thoughts.” – Epictetus

You might get sick, you are very likely to lose loved ones, almost certain to be disappointed at some point, and you are definitely going to die. Glad we got that out of the way.

Rather than being a negative, it can be very rewarding to focus on those facts and possibilities with a sense of gratitude. We are all going to die but today, today we get to be alive and we get to experience this life in all of its beauty and all of its horror. Today we are healthy enough to read, to enjoy the things that are available on the internet and probably even more than that. Today we have our loved ones to visit, spend time with, or even call and talk to on the phone. While any of these things may very well not be true tomorrow or even by the end  of today, they are true right now and we have the opportunity to enjoy them. Right now.

It can be rewarding to go through life keeping in mind that any part or indeed all of this can be taken away from you in a moment. Enjoy it all while you have it to enjoy.

virtus fortis vocat



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