January 21

“In understanding and focusing on what actually concerns you, you cannot be made to do anything against your will; others can’t hurt you, you don’t make enemies or suffer harm.” – Epictetus

If our focus remains entirely on improving the things that we have control over, it is going to take some pretty extreme situations to come along and interrupt that. Focusing all of our energy and time on the things that we have control over protects us from harm in multiple ways.

By staying committed to improving our own thoughts and actions we avoid situations where we might judge the thoughts and actions of others and make ourselves enemies or damage existing relationships.

By focusing on making ourselves better, we actually do become better which helps not only ourselves but also all of those who depend on us. Making life better for others will always in turn make our own lives better.

Most importantly, focusing on making our own thoughts and actions better regardless of the actions of those around us serves to remind us that our validation and value are strongest when they come from within. By choosing to be constant in attending to the improvement of the things that we control, we give ourselves a lifelong task that will continue to make us better people and enrich our lives. The more we practice this the better it gets.

virtus fortis vocat


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