January 22

“Circumstances do not rise to meet our expectations. Things happen as they do. People will act they way they are going to. Embrace what you actually get.” – Epictetus

The world is not out to get us. In fact, the world is rather apathetic to our existence. At the same time, the world offers us immense opportunities and resources to grow and become better and to enjoy the beauty and splendor that exists at this particular time on this particular planet.

Human beings, sort of by default tend to act in accordance with human nature. We act as we are because we are wired to do so. The people closest to you, coworkers, family, and friends act the way they do because they are human beings. Humans have wonderful gifts and horrible flaws and we all do a little better when we accept that both of these sides to humans are valid.

Just as leaving early to beat morning traffic does not insure that there will not be a turned over tractor trailer causing the highway to back up at five am, treating everyone with patience and kindness does not in turn insure that you will not find yourself on the business end of another person’s bad day. Nor should either of these possibilities discourage you from leaving early to beat traffic or treating everyone you encounter with kindness and patience. You will always be better for it regardless of what is returned to you.

virtus fortis vocat


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