February 1

“Disease is an impediment to the body, but not the will unless the will itself chooses. Add this reflection on the occasion of everything that happens; for you will find it an impediment to something else, but not to yourself.” – Epictetus

The recurring theme here is that we cannot control the things that happen to us in life. We will get sick, we will get injured. Someday we will die. What we can control is how we allow those things to affect us. We could look at life through the prism of cynicism. Literally everything we do in this life will be forgotten or will fail eventually. That is a reality. We could look at that and say why do anything? Why try to accomplish anything of value?

The other way to look at it is that we only get one chance at this. We have this one life to make the most of it. And when bad things happen. It becomes easier to look at things and wonder why we should even continue to try. Because the alternative offers us and the people around us nothing of value.

Allowing the obstacles we encounter in life to beat us down and stop us from living the lifestyle we have set out for ourselves benefits no one. Least of all ourselves. The obstacles are coming regardless of how we are going to deal with them. We should prepare ourselves to weather them with gratitude, humility, and resolve.

At the very least we can be examples of strength to those around us.

virtus fortis vocat


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