February 9

“Is another person going through a hardship? There is not one among us who would not say, ‘These things happen to everyone.’ We should remember that point of view when we experience our own hardships.” – Epictetus

Remembering the way we see the things that happen to others is an important perspective to apply to ourselves. Whether we are experiencing hardship or success it serves us well to try to see it as if it were happening to someone else. It reminds us to stay humble when we achieve our goals and also to remain humble when we are going through bad times.

Because self pity and allowing ourselves to be victims is a form of narcissism. Just as it is self centered and delusional to assume that a minor – or even a major – success is something that is all about us the same principle applies to hardship.

We have not been through pain or hardship that has not been endured by others. At this point in human history, the most wretched of our nightmares has been visited on our fellow humans. Usually by other humans. In fact, when many of us are facing an obstacle it is entirely possible that we know someone who has been through a similar hardship before.

It would serve us well to remember how we viewed the way they dealt with the hardship and at the very least, try to live up to their example.

virtus fortis vocat


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