February 19

“When you have decided that an action is the right one to take and are carrying it out do not try to hide it from the sight of others even though they may judge you. If it is wrong, you should avoid doing the thing but if it is the right thing to do, why do you concern yourself with those who judge wrongly?” – Epictetus

There are a lot of things that we will all resolve ourselves to do over the coming months and years. A good many of them are difficult to start doing because we are worried about how we will look in the eyes of our peers.

There are a number of examples we could draw from this morning but let’s focus on the one that holds most of us back and stands to benefit us the most. Living a more active or fit lifestyle.

We all want to exercise more but the biggest thing holding us back is that we are afraid of how we will look to our peers. We might not know how to do exercises properly, or we might be intimidated by that section of the gym we’ve never used before, we might even be afraid that our running form or abilities will be laughed at by our neighbors.

Let’s flip that idea over on its head, if we saw a person using their lunch break to get in a run or even a silly looking body weight exercise routine would we judge them? If so, are they in the wrong or are we? Would we expect that person to care about our opinion or rather, would we be embarrassed if they knew what we were thinking? Why would it be any different the other way around?

There are a good many things we should be doing for ourselves. We can not control what other people are going to think. If there is something we should be doing, let’s do it and let’s not give any thought to other’s judgement.

virtus fortis vocat


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