February 21

“If a person is wrong in his opinion, he is the person who is hurt, for he is the person who has been deceived. If a person supposes the truth is false, the truth is not hurt, but the person who has deceived himself has.” – Epictetus

It’s something we are all going to encounter, either in our professional lives, our personal lives, or if we win the exacta of life; both. People are going to believe things that are clearly not true or correct. Sometimes these things will be about issues we strongly believe in. Sometimes these beliefs will be about us. Either situation is the same. People don’t know they are wrong. In fact, they often will believe they are right and we are wrong.

It doesn’t matter. We don’t control what people believe. If it is imperative that we defend ourselves against the thoughts and beliefs of others, we can do it without becoming emotional or being insulted. Those are choices we don’t have to make, we don;t have to choose to be offended or hurt. We can stay out of it emotionally by remembering that this is how it seems to them, they might be wrong but they don’t know any better. It seems right to them at the time.

So when we have to. We can state our case without becoming emotionally invested and we can move on. Because we do not control what other people are going to believe or what they are going to do with our perspective.

It is better to spend our time and energy on the things we can control.

virtus fortis vocat


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