February 28

“Whatever standards you have chosen to adopt, you should abide by them as if they were laws, as if you would be found guilty for breaking any of them.” – Epictetus

Today’s thought is about holding ourselves to the standards or character we have chosen to demonstrate in our daily actions. We do this by developing discipline. Discipline in setting the standards in the first place and then holding ourselves accountable as we go about our daily lives.

Maybe we have decided we aren’t going to take things personal at work, at home, or at all. That will take discipline. Discipline to detach from the situation and to see it as one of the many things we have decided we are not going to allow to get to us anymore. And it will take discipline to train our minds to start to see things that way.

Maybe we decided we are going to listen more and speak less in social situations. This takes biting our tongues and at the same time, hearing the things other people are trying to tell us. Having the discipline to silence the little voice in our heads that gets excited when we have something to say is difficult. It takes constant vigilance to keep listening and refrain from speaking. It takes discipline to work towards hearing and processing the things that others are saying to us.

It takes discipline to set any standard and hold ourselves to it. But discipline is worth the effort. Always.

virtus fortis vocat


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