March 5

“If you wish to be good, first believe that you are bad.” – Epictetus

So much to glean out of just a dozen simple words.

Take any skill or ability. While some natural ability might be available from birth or genetics, it takes practice and work to get better at anything. The best practice is going to be targeted at existing weaknesses. We identify our weaknesses but understanding what we are bad at and then finding ways to eliminate those weaknesses by focusing on them.

Living the life we want to live is also a skill that requires practice. We practice getting better at living by identifying the things we are bad at, recognizing that they are weaknesses, determining the most effective ways to eliminate the weaknesses we have identified, and then executing on the plan to improve.

Getting better at living is also a skill, it takes practice. We are going to be bad at it, really bad at it in the beginning. That is why we are going to take one or two things off the list of things we want to get better at and we are going to work on those. Everyday.

When those two things become second nature we can recreate our list and we can pick another two things off the list and we work on those until they become second nature.

And we continue to create lists and work on things until we are finished. The dirty secret is, we are never finished. We can continue this practice for the rest of our lives.

virtus fortis vocat


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