March 6

“It is better to do wrong and to admit it and work towards acting right than to never admit to doing wrong and do wrong often.” – Epictetus

We are going to fail. We will forget to listen and talk over others. We will talk about ourselves. We will let a situation get to us. We will lose our tempers. We might lie. We might even steal or hurt others.

The fact that these things may or are likely to happen does not excuse us from being responsible for them when they do. Offering ourselves the same level of understanding that we would to others when we do fail is not the same as accepting the failure. There is no good done by lamenting something we did in the past. Even the very recent past.

But not learning from the past? We are cheating ourselves if we ignore the very lessons we create every single day. We are not on the path we would like to be if we are not actively trying to learn from our mistakes. And we will make mistakes.

Instead, we learn more and get more out of admitting when we have done something wrong. Even if it was something as simple as talking too much about ourselves, or controlling the conversation. We do well to admit to talking about ourselves too much, apologize and try to do it less.

As in everything else, the harder path is usually the more rewarding.

virtus fortis vocat




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