March 9

“Do not be as afraid of the judgement that comes from the opinions of others as you are from that which comes from the truth.” – Epictetus

We know the standards we have set for ourselves, each of us will have our own personal ideal that we are working towards. The common theme is that we all want to be better than we are right now. Becoming better involves identifying things we want to change and then taking the actions necessary to change those things.

It does not matter what we do, when we decide to make changes to better ourselves, we are going to have to stop doing things that other people may very well consider normal. When we are not doing the things that others consider normal, we will stand out. When When a person stands out from the crowd, other people have a habit of forming opinions about them and their motives. We can not control that.

We can control how we choose to see things. People are going to talk, they are going to gossip, and they are going to be wrong. It will feel like we are being lied about. We aren’t. They are just wrong.

We should be far more concerned with what our motivation for our changes and our actions actually is. If we are making changes to look better to everyone around us, we might have the wrong motivation. If we are truly looking to be better our motivation should be to be better. We should want to make changes without announcing them to the world and we should want to put those changes into action whether or not anyone notices.

We should try to become our best selves whether people are looking or not.

virtus fortis vocat


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