March 15

“When we have been invited to a banquet, we take what is set before us. If a guest makes specific requests of the host he would be considered an unreasonable person. Why then do we ask the gods for what they do not give while ignoring the many things they have already given.” – Epictetus

Being content with what we have available to us and accepting things the way they are without stressing about the way we would like them to be. This philosophy goes hand in hand with recognizing what is under our control, what is not under our control and then limiting our energy to the things we can control. When we understand what we can and what we can not control, we understand how we are in control of our own happiness. We may not control the things that happen but we control how we see them and how we respond to them.

In the same way, we do not control what we have been given by life. We do not control our height, our eye color, the family/country we were born into, or any number of things. But we do control whether we chose to view these things as positives or negatives in our lives.

We can chose to be thankful for the opportunities and experiences that life has afforded us thus far and we can chose to appreciate the ones that life has in store for us as they come.

Virtus Fortis Vocat


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