March 16

“Those who are well constituted in the body endure both heat and cold; and so those who are well constituted in the soul endure anger and grief and excessive joy and the other affects.” – Epictetus

What? It’s true. If we were to work out for six weeks and change our bodies. Really work out, not jump on a treadmill and slow run for half an hour but work our bodies until we don’t need to feel for a pulse because we can hear it in our ears. Every day. For six weeks. We will notice that we don’t get cold as east, we don’t get hot as easy. Our bodies will have improved their ability to adapt.

The same is true of our emotional control. The more we work at it, the more we exercise it, the stronger it gets. The better we are at handling situations and issues that make us uncomfortable. Those situations where our hearts start to race we can feel ourselves flush and we know we aren’t saying or thinking what we should be, they will get easier the more we work at this. But we have to work at it. And the way we work at getting better about handling situations that we aren’t good at handling right now, is we experience more of them. We have the difficult conversations, we accept the help we would typically decline, we bring it up when someone does wrong to us, and we do it all with the idea that we only control our attitudes and actions at the very forefront of our minds. At all times.

And we will develop a constitution to endure all of the affects.

Virtus Fortis Vocat



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