March 17

“Wealth is not one of the good things; great expenditure is one of the bad; moderation is one of the good things. And moderation invites to frugality and the acquisition of good things.” – Epictetus

If we are focused on living better, we aren’t going to be focused on attaining wealth and we are going to be avoiding spending more than we can afford, or really even more than we absolutely have to. We will start applying discipline to all aspects of our lives and in doing so, we will find that we become better at moderating all of the aspects we wanted to get control of in the first place.

By disciplining our emotions we find that we are less susceptible to making impulse purchases when we see advertisement or are waiting in line at our favorite store or we think of something we want. We avoid the vice of expenditure in the accumulation of things by applying discipline to our emotions.

By disciplining our bodies we learn to listen to them better. We are able to avoid the impulse food purchases when we think we are hungry, thirsty or need to be satisfied by the immediate junk food purchase. Instead we learn to fuel our bodies better and moderate our expenditure of immediate pleasure by avoiding wasting money on junk food.

By moderating these expenditures and disciplining ourselves away from wasting our money, we will realize that we require less wealth than we would have thought in order to be content. By realizing we are content with less we are able to focus more on the better things in life, time. Time, experience, and connections.

By applying discipline to our lives, we learn how to live better on our terms, by learning to live better we set ourselves free.

Virtus Fortis Vocat


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