March 19

“Just as it is better to squeeze yourself into a small bed and be healthy than it is to lie on a large bed with disease, so also is it better to have little but be happy than it is to have a vast fortune and be miserable.” – Epictetus

There is nothing wrong with having wealth. There is nothing wrong with attaining a better economic position or even attempting to attain wealth. But the desire to become wealthy will force us to make some compromises that will remove our ability to be content with what we have. Because when we make attaining wealth our end goal, we force ourselves into the position that wealth in itself is going to make us more content. When that proves to be false, many of us will fall into a sunk cost fallacy and will start a cycle of attempting to attain more and more wealth with the idea that eventually, we will also attain happiness.

This is a trap.

It will always have been better to remain in the position we were in and be grateful for what we have than to compromise our standards in order to make the acquisition of wealth our goal. It is always going to be better to choose to be content with what we have, require very little, and continue to work on making ourselves better.

Virtus Fortis Vocat


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