March 31

“A person should know that it is not easy for them to have a fixed principle, if they do not daily say the same things, and hear the same things and at the same time, apply them to life.” – Epictetus

Everything we want to accomplish in life, at work, in our family lives, in our personal relationships, and within ourselves requires the same thing. Discipline. The act of staying on the path, keeping with the standards we set for ourselves, this requires us to keep our goals in focus at all times. To recognize the small daily decisions that we make and have to continue to keep making in order to continue advancing along the path we have decided s the best for us. These things require discipline.

Not just in one or two areas either. No, we need to be disciplined in all things. By keeping ourselves accountable and sticking to the standards we have set for ourselves every single day, we build habits and strengthen our will power. By developing stronger wills we are able to take on increasingly more difficult tasks and accomplish them.

These small victories help to build our confidence and encourage more will power and application of further discipline to areas of our lives that might have been overlooked or were too difficult for us to handle in the beginning.

These small victories also reinforce to us that we are making the right decisions and we are seeing the changes we were hoping for.

And we do it by staying disciplined. One small step at a time.

virtus fortis vocat


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