April 7

“What we ought not to do, we should not even think of doing.” – Epictetus

We all know the things that we shouldn’t be doing. There are things we know are flat out wrong, and then there are things which break our daily discipline. While these things are not necessarily wrong, they take us off the path we need to be on in order to become the people we want to become.

Things that are flat out wrong, we know better. We shouldn’t be even thinking about things that hurt other people. We know this.

But we should also be controlling our thoughts in regards to the things which take us off our path. Those little breaks in our daily disciplines that distract us from making those little daily decisions that ultimately form the direction we are going with our personal development are what we need to beware of.

What we do daily, what we say daily, and how we act daily, are ultimately what determine who we are. Daily and eventually these daily habits will turn into who we are. These daily habits begin as thoughts.

We should be practicing total mind control on the only mind we will ever really control, our own. We should be developing our thoughts into springboards for action that will help us develop into the people we want to become. We do this by recognizing thoughts that distract us as weakness.

And when weakness rears its head and tries to distract us we need to be able to say, “Not today. Today, I am moving forward.”

virtus fortis vocat



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