April 8

“Deliberate much before saying or doing anything, for you will not have the power of recalling what has been said or done.” – Epictetus

Losing our tempers, telling a coworker what we really think, snapping at a family member or any similar action we know is wrong but do with alarming regularity, these are all things we can not take back.

It’s true that people will generally understand that we lost our temper or said something we didn’t really mean because we were caught up in the moment. It’s also true that once we do or say something, they might very well forgive us, they might even stop thinking about it but people will never really forget it. If we make it a habit, it will become the way people start to think about us. It will become our calling card.

This is incredibly common, people lose their tempers or say things they didn’t really mean everyday. They do insensitive or thoughtless things with similar frequency. How much would it stand out then, how great an example would we be setting if we never did these things?

Of course it would stand out because it would also be difficult. Almost to the point of impossibility. Fortunately, it is also something we can practice every single day.

As we get improve, so will the example we set for others in our daily lives. And most importantly, the environment we create around us will improve as well.

virtus fortis vocat


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