April 11

“A person should pursue not every pleasure, but the pleasure that leads to goodness.”       – Epictetus

There are many things that we all enjoy doing, things that bring us some amount of pleasure. Some bring more pleasure than others. Some of the things in life that bring us pleasure actually benefit our lives as well and others well, not so much. We know the difference based on how we feel about these things afterwards, do we feel more connected or would we prefer not to think about what we just did?

For each of us, it might be a little bit different but some of the things that bring us pleasure or make us feel good in the moment are also going to make us feel a little bit more connected with the feeling of being alive. These things enrich our lives and we typically want to share them, or at least the feeling they provide, with others.

These are the things we should be focusing on developing. These pursuits not only make us feel good, but they offer a chance for us to share that good feeling with others. They give us an opportunity to make other people’s lives just a little bit better, while also enjoying ourselves.

Isn’t that what we would all consider living a good life? Isn’t this the art of living? To lesson other’s suffering while also enjoying ourselves.

Let’s identify those things that we enjoy that also bring us closer to that feeling of being alive. And then let’s share them with our little corner of the world. Everyday.

virtus fortis vocat


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