April 18

“Time relieves the foolish of sorrow, but reason relieves the wise.” – Epictetus

Bad things are going to happen in our lives. They just are. There is nothing that we can do about it. Some of us are in for some experiences that the mere thought of would make us weak in the knees today. But somehow, we will endure and many of us will be better for the experience.

We’ve all likely heard that time heals all wounds, but that’s true for everyone. We are trying to become our best selves. How do we move across the comma and use reason to relieve ourselves of our sorrow?

The first step in applying reason to any situation is first accepting that the situation is reality and that the situation occurring at least is beyond our control.

After we accept that the bad thing we are dealing with is going to happen or has happened, and this is out of our control. We need to recognize and deal with our own emotional response to the situation. This is one of the few things we are in control of. No matter what the situation is.

After we get through those first two steps the most important part of applying reason to a situation is to remember that we are not the first person to deal with this particular hardship. Finding those people, talking to them, and listening to their perspective with the humility and understanding that they have been there, and they endured is how we find our way through difficult situations.

Leaning on the experience and knowledge of those who have been there before us is the most reasoned way to navigate any difficulty.

virtus fortis vocat



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