April 23

“Nothing is more becoming to a person who governs than to despise no one and not show arrogance, but to preside over all with equal care.” – Epictetus

Being in a leadership position at any level is a difficult place to find ourselves. It requires us keep our perspective focused on the bigger picture while at the same time we have to keep everyone’s needs in our mind while making decisions.

It is easy to allow ourselves to be frustrated, it is easy to have personalities we click with and ones that we find absolutely abrasive. It is important to remember that these are choices we are making. We need to choose to focus on the bigger picture, the point of the leadership position in the first place. Why are we doing this? Where are we leading everyone?

When we take that perspective, we detach a little bit, step back and try to see the whole picture. By doing this we might even see that some of the personalities we find abrasive are abrasive to us because they highlight weaknesses we have. This is great! Having team members who complement our weaknesses ultimately makes for a much better team, even the leader has to be part of the team.

And by taking this broader perspective of the team’s goals, we put ourselves in a position that allows us to treat everyone fairly, which in turn makes us better leaders.

virtus fortis vocat


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