May 1

“Chose the best life, because experience will make it pleasant.” – Epictetus

A lot of life happens to us, we affect very little of the on goings of it; even in our careers, families, and social networks. The one thing we have complete control over is ourselves; how we act, how we react, and how we choose to view life. The best life then, is the life in which we have chosen to focus our energy on developing and improving ourselves.

This life is also the most enjoyable for a number of reasons. The first and likely most powerful reason is that it is the life where we are going to enjoy the best results. When we focus on the things we actually control and affect, we get to see much more rapid and impressive results than if we sprinkle in a bunch of effort towards things we do not control and therefore can not affect.

The other reason that this life is more pleasant is that it greatly reduces our stress. When we think about the things in life that stress us out, really keep us up at night in our current situation or recent past, what are they? Often, they are things that we have little to no control over. By learning to let go of these things that we can not control, we remove their ability to cause us stress.

Let’s chose the best life for ourselves and get to working on ourselves.

virtus fortis vocat


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