May 8

“The value of knowledge, like that of gold is valued in every place.” – Epictetus

If we would like to find ourselves invaluable at work, home, and in our social circles we would do well to begin that journey by making ourselves more knowledgeable. Our ability to help solve problems that might come up make us valuable to any one with a problem we can help with. The more knowledgeable we choose to make ourselves, the more problems we can find ourselves helping with. The subjects we choose to become more knowledgeable are ultimately individual and up to each of us but if we want to gain valuable knowledge we would be wise to choose subjects we find our friends and coworkers struggling with.

Any gains in knowledge or ability come to us with a big caveat. It is all well and good to learn new things, get better at new skills, and share them with others but it is more important to remain modest. Gaining new knowledge, even important and useful knowledge does not give us a license to go around solving everyone’s problems. First we have to demonstrate competence in areas related to the problems we want to solve, then we wait. We wait until someone seeks our assistance and then we provide it as best we can.

No one likes a know it all, and there is a fine balance between gaining knowledge, being excited to share it, and bombarding our friends and coworkers with pretentious vomit from our newly informed minds.

Let’s look to gain as much knowledge as we can in this life, for its own sake. If we never actually get to use it, at least we have it.

virtus fortis vocat



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