May 9

“Envy is the antagonist of the fortunate.” – Epictetus

We have so much in this life to feel fortunate about. We have blessings that we fail to recognize as blessings. We have electricity at the touch of a switch, clean water at the turn of a knob, warmth when it is cold, shelter when the weather is disagreeable, and we have access to more food than we probably need. We carry with us the means to access the entire vault of human knowledge, in our pockets!

Still we find ourselves wanting more and better things. Better phones, better cars, better homes, and more toys than people two generations ago would have been able to imagine. And why do we want all of these things? Because they are available and because if other people can have them why can’t we?

For starters, our wanting of things takes our focus away from the things we have. The things we take for granted. And when we take things for granted in our lives we stop being grateful for what we already have. When we stop feeling grateful we start to feel unfulfilled. When we rob ourselves of our ability to feel fulfilled we rob ourselves of our own contentment.

Let’s start giving back to ourselves by remembering the things we should be grateful for and focusing on attaining only the things that will enrich our lives.

virtus fortis vocat


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