May 10

“A person is unreasonable who is troubled by the things that happen as the result of nature’s necessity.” – Epictetus

Whether we like it or not, we are headed towards degeneration. Someday, we are going to lose our abilities, someday we will be less strong, less mobile, our skill sets will deteriorate and we will lose some of our basic freedoms. Eventually, we will lose our ability to earn a living and at that point we will be left to try to live off of the wealth that we have been able to gather up to that point. We will depend on that accumulated wealth to sustain us for the rest of our lives and then we will die.

That is a rather bleak to look at our lives, especially the end part of our lives but it is also a realistic way to look at it. Choosing to be upset by these facts, choosing to allow them to get into our minds and affect our daily lives does us no good and in fact probably harms us more than we realize.

Instead of allowing ourselves to be negatively affected by the inevitable, we can train our bodies to maintain our strength and mobility for as long as we are able, we can train our minds to learn new things so that when our abilities starts to fail we can pivot and take up new challenges and exploit new opportunities, and we can train ourselves in resource discipline so that we require less to live and are able to live off less wealth then we would if we continued on our current path.

So yes, we are going to get weaker, we are going to lose abilities, we are going to eventually be stuck with what we have acquired in this life but that does not mean we need to go towards that end resigned to our fate just waiting to die.

No. We can work towards giving ourselves the best opportunity to enjoy the entirety of our lives. It just takes will and discipline

virtus fortis vocat


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