May 11

“We should enjoy good fortune while we have it, like the fruits of autumn.” – Epictetus

We all know that good things and bad things are going to happen to us in this life and that all of the good and the bad things that happen have aspects to them that are beyond our control. In most cases good things and bad things are just going to happen to us and how we respond to them is the only part we actually control.

Just as we should not be upset by the bad things that happen to us and we should not look at them as reflections of who we are, we should not be proud of the good things that happen to us. We should not act as if the good things that do come to us were brought about solely by our actions. But that does not mean that we can’t enjoy them while they are here.

More importantly, much like the fruits of autumn, we can store our good fortune for later use. We can do that by determining when good things happen to us whether these good things have an aspect to them that can be set aside for later use. If they can, we should do just that because just like money saving up good fortune can pay for itself more in the long-term then if we just went and spent it right away.

As we move through our day today when we experience pleasant things let’s ask ourselves, ‘is this something that I am able to put off the enjoyment of now and get more out of later?’

If the answer is yes, let’s come back and revisit these during a more difficult time when we might actually get more out of them.

virtus fortis vocat


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