May 13

“Pleasure like a kind of bait, is thrown before everything which is really bad and easily lures greedy souls to the hook of destruction.” – Epictetus

The easy path, the immediate gratification, the quick fix, or just going for what feels good instead of what we know is good for us. Having that one more drink that we know is going to interrupt decision making or eating that eating that food that we know we’re not supposed to. Maybe it’s going over the head of one of our co-workers to get that promotion.

Everyday we make little choices choices that define who we are as people. While they may appear to be little choices, when we make them repeatedly they end up deciding who we are. So when we make the choice to give in, to just take the easy path we need to remember that we are choosing who we are.

If we decide that it’s okay to cheat or give in to temptation this one little time we will typically also tell ourselves that we don’t do this all the time. We should take a moment and we should look back on how often we make those little compromise.s or even better, keep it in our mind at all times going forward. We should start tracking these compromises.

We should also keep in mind that with each of these decisions we are building a habit and if we are making two decisions to make the right choice and be stronger everyday and ten decisions to make the wrong choices be a little weaker every day we’re still headed down the path of weakness. We’re still headed towards destruction

Instead we should keep front and center in our mind that we always want to be getting better we always want to be making the stronger decisions and then we should go about the business of making them, every day.

virtus fortis vocat


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