May 15

“Now nothing gets us into greater troubles than our subservience to common rumor, and our habit of thinking that those things are best that are generally perceived as such.”         – Seneca

We’ve all at least heard the adage, “If everyone jumped off a cliff…” we know how it goes. And not a single one of us is likely going to want to think of ourselves as followers, many of us prefer to think of ourselves as leaders, most if not all of us would prefer to see ourselves as individuals.

If we look at our lives however, we find evidence that we are following the crowd more than we might like to admit to ourselves, we all buy the same things, we read the same books, watch the same shows and in our won communities often have the same politics/religions/beliefs.

And we all subscribe to the same conventional wisdom. If we look a little deeper into many of the commonly held beliefs and the way we understand the world, we are often wrong. Entirely wrong.

So for today, let’s step back from what we know a little bit. Because there is a good chance what we know is not quite as robust as we believe it to be. Let’s approach some of the same things we have been doing daily for a long time now with an attitude that we might have been doing them wrong. Let’s see if we can’t relearn a few things we have known for a really long time.

And let’s see if that approach makes us see things, just a little differently. If it does, maybe it is worth applying this to the rest of our lives.

virtus fortis vocat


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