May 17

“Let us therefore inquire. not what is most commonly done, but what is best for us to do.” – Seneca

Conventional wisdom. Keeping up with the Joneses. Following the herd. If we are going to learn anything from motivational posts on social media, it is that these are all things that we would avoid if we are going to live full lives that have purpose and meaning.

It turns out that these ideas are not only an internet phenomenon. They have been around for millennia, and for good reason.  People as a group tend to settle for what is comfortable, what is easier, and the things that are enjoyable.

We all, deep down, know on some level that these are also the things that are the least likely to help us fulfill our goals of living content, full lives with purpose and meaning. We know that things that are actually going to allow us to grow, to improve, and to find that meaning in our lives are in fact not comfortable, they are not easy and often they are not enjoyable either.

We should choose to be doing the things that we know will make us better at whatever it is we want to improve at. Maybe that means we get up earlier, maybe we add in exercise, cut out certain foods, or maybe we read instead of watching television.

Whatever it is, we should choose to be better.

virtus fortis vocat



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