May 18

“If a person ever allows their mind some breathing space and takes the time to communicate with themselves, what truths they will reveal to themselves after they have been put to the torture of their own introspection.” – Seneca

Detachment and self reflection, two of the most effective skills we can develop are also two of the most difficult to implement and almost impossible skills to master.

Detachment is the ability to step back and look at our situation, at our lives, as if we were separate from them. This allows us to see the bigger picture. By stepping back and giving our brain some breathing room we are able to not only see what is going on in our own lives but also the most important part, the role we are playing in our own situation.

This is where self reflection can become a brutal exercise. When we have stepped back and taken a more objective look around we see the whole picture better. Inevitably, if we are then going to apply even a small amount of self reflection it can be difficult to face the reality that we play a major role in our own frustrations and struggles.

The good news is that this will be the part that we actually have control over, us. we can control how we continue to act, how we choose to see our situation, and the areas we choose to work on improving.

But the beginning of this like the beginning of anything worthwhile, is the most difficult part.

virtus fortis vocat


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