May 19

“These good things which people gaze at in wonder, which they crowd around to view, which one points out to another with speechless admiration, are outwardly beautiful, but within they are miseries to those who possess them.” – Seneca

The stuff. All the things we wish we had. All the things we wish we could afford. All the things we want to buy. All the things we rack up credit card debt to possess.

If we take a moment and think about the things we have spent the money on, the things we might even still be paying credit card bills to have possessed before we had the actual means to possess them. Where are they right now? How many times a day do we use them. A week? A month? Was it worth it?

Some of us may even own things that still cost even more in upkeep, a house that is a little bigger than we could afford, maybe we bought the higher end car than our neighbor, a better stereo, the list goes on. These possessions, these things that we needed to have at the time, they become a source of stress. They do in fact become part of our misery, more so than some of the stresses that work, and other responsibilities push on us.

We should instead be focusing on the things that are going to enrich our lives. Focusing on the things in life that make us better. The things that offer to provide us with the best chance at a well rounded life experience. These things are often not the flashy things, they are often not the things others will be impressed by and they are never the easy things. But they are the things that are worth it.

virtus fortis vocat



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