May 20

“A happy life must set value upon all of the things which adorn our lives without over-valuing any one of them, and must be able to enjoy the bounty of Fortune without becoming her slave.” – Seneca

We are going to have some good times. Many of us may very well enjoy good fortune most of the time. We are going to have more than we need and we are going to live in comfort most of the time.

But we need to remember not to allow the good things we experience to become the only thing we look to experience in this life. We should hold the good times in high value but we should also remember that we hold these times in such high value because they are rare.

If every day were a good day we would get used to it, we would become a slave the the good times. We would need even better days to feel good about and even worse, we would not be able to weather the hard times as well. We would become weak, and soft. Our ability to detach and see that bad times and good times are the same, they are not in themselves either good or bad, it is just how we choose to see and experience them.

We should be choosing to experience life fully. Good and bad. And we should be grateful for the opportunity.

virtus fortis vocat



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