May 21

“You understand without my mentioning it that an unbroken calm and freedom ensue when we have removed from our lives all of the things which either excite or alarm us.”   – Seneca

It is so easy for us to be bothered by the world around us. We are surrounded by news cycles that run all day everyday. Sensationalism regarding the differences between groups of people and the effect these differences have on our society make it into our news feeds every single day. We are bombarded daily with advertisements about goods and services we have to have and warnings about foods, places, and people we should be avoiding.

Add to this that we are so much busier than we need to be, with all of our contacts constantly at our fingertips, social media just a swipe away. We are never really alone. The outside world is constantly engaging us.

If we have the ability to detach from all of it, even if it is only for a few moments a day, we will realize that we are happier and more peaceful reflecting inward rather than be affected from the outside.

Reflecting inward allows us the opportunity to recognize the things we actually have control over and provides us the means to bring about positive changes in our lives. The feedback is almost instantaneous and will encourage us to continue on this path.

Starting today, when we start to feel that panicked feeling of being overwhelmed by life, let’s all take a moment and turn inward. Take a few breaths and focus on one or two things we can control immediately to bring that feeling under control.

The first thing should always be our attitude.

virtus fortis vocat



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