May 23

“A person is happy who in their present circumstances, whatever they may be, is satisfied and on friendly terms with the condition of their own life.” – Seneca

Happiness it would seem is to accept the way life is and to be satisfied that this is the way life is.

We can divorce this idea from the idea of settling for whatever life offers us and look at it instead as simply accepting that wherever we happen to find ourselves in any given aspect or facet of our lives, that is where we are. Whether we like it or not, that is the case. And if we choose to accept it and be satisfied with this reality, it will be easier for us to formulate a clearer plan to change the parts of our lives that we would like to improve on.

By taking inventory of our own lives and accepting that things as they are right now are the way they are right now, we will find it easier to detach a little bit from our current situation and when we do that, paths to improvement make themselves more visible.

Opportunities also make themselves more visible.  Because opportunities that we can take advantage of are going to come to us at a level just a little better than where we are right now. If we are honest with ourselves about where we actually are and are on friendly terms with the condition of our own lives, these will be a lot easier to see.

So let’s make friends with our own situations and then, let’s start looking for ways to improve that situation.

virtus fortis vocat



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