May 25

“Pleasure visits the basest lives but virtue can not coexist with an evil life.” – Seneca

We all want to think we are good people. We all want to continue to be good people. Many of us would like to become even better than we are now. But how would we go about it?

We are what we do repeatedly. As a result being a good person is a practice, not something we are born with or simply part of our personality. Sure, some of us were born with a disposition that makes it easier to be good than the rest of us but we all have it in us to be good people. We just have to practice it. Daily.

So if we want to be good people we have to determine what it is that makes people good. What can we repeatedly do in our own lives to be sure that an evil life would not be possible for us? And once we have those aspects of a good life figured out, we need to put them into action. And we need to be disciplined in our approach to living a good life.

It is important to remember that we are the things we do repeatedly and that the things we do repeatedly are directly related to the thoughts that we think. These are the two things we should have control over. They might even be the only two.

Let’s control them in a manner to make us better people.

virtus fortis vocat


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