May 31

“As in a tilled-field, when ploughed for corn, some flowers are found among it, and yet, though these posies may charm the eye, all this labor was not spent to produce them.”       – Seneca

The path to building a well rounded and full life is filled with more difficulty than ease. there will be more hard times than easy ones, and there will be more days where we want to quit than there will be days where we feel like we are crushing it. There will be more times on this path where we will have to remind ourselves that we have purpose and we have a goal than we probably want to think about.

Still, there will be times where everything comes together and we can see clearly that we are on the right path and we can look back behind us and see just how far we’ve come. Those moments can be thought of as the peaks, the high points on a journey where we have reached the top of one of the many mountains we will have to climb, the clouds part, and we can see the path ahead of us and the one behind us.

This beauty, these wonderful moments where it all comes together are fleeting but we would be wise to hold them close. Keep them in our memory to remind us during the difficult times that we are making progress and we are getting there. It might take our entire lives and frankly, if it doesn’t our goals weren’t grand enough.

May our lives be filled with struggle and may we cherish the moments of beauty along the way.

virtus fortis vocat


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