June 4

“The pleasures of the wise are mild, decorous, verging on dullness, kept under restraint and scarcely noticeable.” – Seneca

That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun does it? Pleasure that could be perceived as dull? That sounds like a bore.

If we compare two versions of pleasure. The first being the contentment found in enjoying a walk through a sunny park in the middle of a hectic workday. A few moments to allow our minds to wander, to take in the beauty of the day, and remind ourselves that we are filling our place in this beautiful world. The second being a busy night of getting food, drinks, and spending an evening on the town.

Both of these are fun in their own way, but only one revitalizes us, gives us a better perspective on our purpose, and reminds us of the reason we choose to avoid the second pleasure most of the time.

By approaching life with a sense of gratitude for the experiences and little luxuries we have, our ability to find pleasure in little things.

This protects us from becoming slaves to pleasure and allowing it to control our decision making. Like any drug, the more we give in to pleasure, the more of it we need to feel the high that comes with enjoying pleasure. It is far better to allow what pleasures come on their own to season our lives and focus our energy on becoming the best people we can.

virtus fortis vocat




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