June 5

“I can show you many people beset by pleasures, people upon whom Fortune has showered all of her gifts, people you must admit are bad people.” – Seneca

Successful people are not necessarily good people, though good people tend to be successful in their own way.

We would have to allow ourselves a lot of denial and revision to reality to convince ourselves that the luxuries that come with material success do not bring pleasure along with them. Of course they do! In many ways that is the first reward that leads us along a path of pursuing material success. Our problems arise when we allow the trappings of success to become just that, trappings. When we are working towards more and more possessions, more exotic vacations, more high tech gadgets, when our goal becomes more. That is when we are trapped.

We would have to do some serious mental editing to ignore the toll this lifestyle obsession takes on those who choose this path. When we find ourselves trapped by pleasures, when we find ourselves working towards a goal of more, we find ourselves ignoring other aspects of our lives in search of more. We become adapted to the luxuries and pleasures we have and if we take them for granted we continue to search for more.

Until we start to approach life with a sense of gratitude for what we have, down to the smallest of luxuries, this cycle will consume our waking hours. It will consume our lives.

Let us develop our sense of gratitude early, and focus on becoming better people now.

virtus fortis vocat



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