June 6

“The vicious hide their excesses in the lap of philosophy.” – Seneca

There are people, huge groups of them in fact, who would have us believe that the realization of all of our wildest dreams lie at the end of their particular program or process. As it turns out, our wildest dreams often appear to involve wealth, material possessions, and status symbolism. And we collectively, allow this to be labeled as self help.

If instead we help ourselves by detaching a little bit from our own lives and do our best to look at them objectively from the outside, we might see that a large part of why we turn to these self help sources in the first place is that our goals are to control things we have no control over. No process, no program, no guru is ever going to grant us power over the things we can not control.

We do not need anyone else’s help realizing the difference between the things we have control over and the things which we do not. We require only a small amount of self reflection and a touch of brutal honesty with ourselves to see the difference there.

Once we have those two things separated out, we can focus our energy on the things we have control over and we can allow the things we do not have control over to do as they will.

When we start to control the things we can and recognize the things we can not control, then we can begin to help ourselves.

virtus fortis vocat



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