June 7

“Modesty can never assert itself, when shameful idleness is dignified with an honorable name.” – Seneca

Well earned and short periods of relaxation are good for us, to be certain. They are even better for us if we share them with people we care about. These times allow us reinforce bonds, reflect on recent accomplishments, and plan for future endeavors.

But those moments of reflection and leisure are not where people feel the most alive. These are not the moments that allow us to experience the true joy of being fully in the moment.

It turns out that feeling, feeling like we are completely immersed in the world around us and at the same time unaware of any distractions, this beautiful feeling only comes to us when we are involved in performing a task or solving a problem that utilizes the outer limits of our skill sets.

In other words, we feel the best, we are the most content, we might argue the happiest, when we are fully utilizing, even taxing our abilities as human beings.

But mentally we all long for those quiet moments, the leisure. Why?

We all likely fail to recognize the things in life that actually make us feel better. We likely look to the wrong things for leisure as often as we fail to realize that eating well and exercising are actually more enjoyable than eating poorly and being sedentary. Just as we fail to realize that reading a book is more enjoyable than watching television.

So when we feel like we’ve earned a little down time today, let’s take on a small project that we’ve been wanting to work on or taking on a new project we’ve wanted to try. Maybe we start something we’ve had in the back of our minds for a little while.

virtus fortis vocat


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