June 8

“He who ranges himself on the side of virtue gives thereby a proof of noble disposition: he who follows pleasure is weak, worn out, degrading his manhood.” – Seneca

We are the product of the activities we practice everyday. The things we do daily become who we are. Being a good or becoming a bad person isn’t the product of adopting some philosophy or making a change in our thoughts. It is us choosing what we do everyday and making sure that our actions are moving us in the direction we want to be moving in. If we are not consciously choosing our actions we are choosing to not play a role in deciding who we become.

The negative of this would be a warning that we should not practice what we do not want to become.

But the positive is that if we want to become good people, if we truly want to become our best selves, all we have to do is determine what our best selves would do. And then do that. Every single day.

That’s it. By acting like our best selves every day, eventually we embody our best selves.

While that sounds simple, let us try it for a few days and then decide just how easy simple can be. Spoiler alert, it is really hard.

But it is also worth it.

virtus fortis vocat


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