June 10

“If you are willing to proceed to a happy life, let virtue lead the way, let pleasure follow and hang about the body like a shadow.” – Seneca

Humans are at their most content, at their happiest when they are so engrossed in something that they lose sense of self and time. We can all think about times where we were so engrossed in a project or a conversation and we lost complete track of time and hours passed though they felt like minutes.

Most of the time, this feeling occurs for us when we are involved in a task or conversation that requires us to use our talents at the outskirts of our abilities. In other words, we feel that feeling of oneness with the world around us when we are being required to use all of our abilities to accomplish something.

We are also the product of the things that we practice everyday. What we do literally becomes who we are. As a result, we should be practicing at becoming who we want to be every single day and we should be refraining from practicing things that will lead us to becoming what we do not want to become.

By practicing what we want to become every day, by setting a goal for becoming a certain type of person, changing who we are into a version closer to our best selves, we have to give up a lot. But we will also find we gain a lot as well. We will gain a new appreciation for the small pleasures that life brings us. We will gain an improved perspective on the value we place on certain aspects of life. All of this will lead to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

We begin this by implementing the practices we know are going to lead to who we want to become.

virtus fortis vocat



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