June 11

“Let virtue lead the way and bear the standard; we shall have pleasure for all of that, but we shall be the masters and controllers; pleasure may win some concessions from us, but will not force us to do anything.” – Seneca

If we set our minds to becoming better people, the best version of ourselves, if we hold to that standard, the path is going to be difficult. We are going to have to give up a lot of the things we divert ourselves with currently. We are also going to sacrifice a lot of things that we will watch others not having to sacrifice.

If we allow ourselves to, it will be easy for us to become envious, or on the other side of the same coin, self righteous in regards to others.

Instead, we should remind ourselves that we are each on our own path and while we might have to sacrifice some things, we get a lot more out of staying on the path than we do by indulging in our immediate desires. We enjoy different pleasures than we did before and we enjoy the old pleasures differently.

There will be times where we give in and we stray from the path and indulge in our immediate desires. But if we do so mindful of the fact that we are conceding ground to pleasure and that we are allowing ourselves to be taken off the path we have chosen, we will be more aware of what we are giving up in order to indulge in the here and now.

So while we may lose some ground, maybe even some battles, if we stay on the path, we will win the war.

virtus fortis vocat



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