June 12

“A man cannot be a good defender of his country, a good avenger of her wrongs, or a good defender of his friends, if he be inclined to pleasures.” – Seneca

The number one thing we gain be denying ourselves the ability to indulge in our immediate desires is perspective. By acclimating ourselves to refraining from giving into our wishes in the here and now, we allow ourselves to detach from any situation we find ourselves in and we allow ourselves to have a better global view of the situation because we are not wrapped up in satisfying our immediate wants. We are already looking towards the future.

When we are able to detach and see a situation from the outside, or as close to the outside as a person can get, we are able to see not only the effect but also the cause and often the solution if one is necessary.

This skill, which will take us our lifetimes to even approach mastering, is one that allows us to see problems before they are really problems and we can redirect our actions towards solving the problem before it has a chance to fully develop.

Detachment isn’t any easy skill to learn and it might prove impossible for us to master but it is one skill that will pay off huge even if we only make small progress.

virtus fortis vocat



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