June 14

“For liberty can only remain unconquered as long as she knows nothing more valuable than herself.” – Seneca

Freedom. It’s a double edged sword that we often take for granted. We fail to realize that in order to enjoy freedom we have to place nothing ahead of its value on our minds.

If we truly want to be free, we have to value that freedom more than our security, more than our safety, in some cases even more than our own lives.

If we place our financial security in a place of value ahead of freedom, we are going to find ourselves doing things outside of our moral standard to achieve financial gain. Maybe it’s just a dishonest word to a potential sale, maybe we even allow a person to convince themselves but we know its wrong. We become enslaved to our own greed. That’s not freedom.

If we place safety over freedom, we will be willing to put our future, our day to day in the hands of someone else in order that they might keep us safe. While we may still feel free, we are subservient to our own sense of safety. We are allowing ourselves to limit our own activities in the name of our own perception of safety. That’s not freedom.

If we put ourselves in a position where we value our own lives more than freedom we will be willing to live under someone else’s standard, under the control of another person just to survive. That’s not freedom.

In the words of the American Library Association: “Freedom itself is a dangerous way of life, but it is ours.” May we never forget that.

virtus fortis vocat


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